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The Girl’s Guide to Web Design

The Girl's Guide to Web DesignYou have goals. Dreams. A little slice of happiness you’re eager to carve out for yourself, somewhere beyond the status quo.

And you envision it all playing out online, somehow.

(Even if you’re not sure exactly what that will look like, where to start, or if it’s even possible to get your “thing” on the web in a way that won’t be super stressful, require you to dumb down your vision, or cost thousands of dollars in the process.)
Sometimes you wish you could forget about it, but let’s be honest: this idea of yours? It just. Won’t. Leave. You. Alone.

Web design course for women

Truth be told, you spend an awful lot of time imagining the feeling of having your own gorgeous home on the web: a hub where you can share your writing, post your art, sell your products, or enroll your dream clients to work with you. A blog or a site that would power your own entrepreneurial venture – and give you the freedom to live a life more on your own terms.

In fact, more times then you can count, you’ve fantasized about what it would like to magically have mad technical skills beamed into your brain.

Because it seems like that’s the missing link between where you are now (frustrated; stuck; wanting to get your idea in front of people) and where you want to be (pumped; with your brand up and running on the web, looking amazing, and attracting all kinds of clients and customers so that you can ditch your day job, travel the world, or simply bring in some extra moolah each month).

Trouble is, knowledge can’t be beamed into brains just yet (we’re told the robots are working on it). So that leaves you at an impasse. A catch 22. A which-came-first… the-chicken-or-the-website?

The answer is… both.

Introducing The Girl’s Guide to Web Design (also known as GG2WD): the ridiculously empowering, shockingly fun way to get un-stuck, get excited, and get your project, blog, business, or movement online and looking incredible. Once and for all.
Keyboard and notebook

Check out the course outline below to see all the fun stuff you’ll learn if you join us – solving your conundrum once and for all:

Week 1: Design your Brand

The adventure begins with our signature process for honing in on your brand personality, choosing your colour palette & fonts, and creating a gorgeous Brand Vision Board.

Week 2: Website Planning

Here’s where we help you to figure out how your site should be structured and how it needs to function so that it can act as a true vehicle for your dreams!

Week 3: HTML, URLs, & Web Hosts

We’ll take you on a tour of the inner workings of the web, demystifying the world of servers, URLs, web hosting, and HTML in a humorous, lighthearted style.

Week 4: Everything WordPress

Get ready to learn the ins and outs of WordPress – the hugely powerful website platform that will power your site.

Week 5: Website Creation & SEO

In this chapter, you’ll truly bring your website to life – arranging things exactly as you see fit. Then we’ll teach you how to optimize your site so that the search engines love you – enabling you to connect with your ideal customers via your web presence.

Week 6: CSS Basics

So you’ve got your site layout ready to go, and it’s looking fantastic – but there’s more you can do to match your web presence to your Brand Vision Board! This is where CSS, the sister programming language to HTML, comes in.

Week 7: Responsive Design

“Responsive design” refers to creating websites that magically rearrange themselves for optimal readability when you view them on a small screen – such as on a tablet or iPhone. This chapter will teach you everything you need to know to make sure your site looks great on all devices.

Chapter 8: Get Ready to Launch!

Woohoo! Your site is complete, and you’re ready to unveil it to the world! By following the simple steps outlined in this chapter, you’ll ensure your launch goes smoothly, so that you can focus on getting the word out about your genius, rather than fumbling with last-minute tech quandaries.

Bonuses: Working with Clients

We’ll give you our tried-and-true process for working with web design clients, in case you decide you want to turn your newfound skills into a snazzy new revenue stream.


Don’t let the name deceive you.

As you can see from the course outline above, The Girl’s Guide to Web Design goes *way* beyond the realm of “web design”. It teaches you how to brand, build, AND launch gorgeous sites – not to mention, gives you the skills you need to re-invent yourself online time and time again (because your brand will evolve – that’s part of the fun!).

GG2WD will meet you where you’re at, take you by the hand, and walk you through all the steps necessary to go from zero to hero(ine) online.


Here’s what you can expect from the GG2WD experience:



Kicking off on Monday, April 13th, The Girl’s Guide to Web Design is a ten-week online adventure of learning & implementation that will rapidly show you how much amazingness you’re capable of creating when you have the right kind of guidance and support!

2When you sign up for the course, it’s like joining a secret society that gives you a blueprint for your own unique flavour of success and self-expression – and the camaraderie to see it through to completion.

3From the moment you dive in, you’ll be gaining skills that you can put to work immediately to create massive forward movement in bringing your idea to life online.

4The program consists of eight “chapters”, each of which walks you through a different phase of the website creation process. You’ll begin by establishing your unique visual brand, and will end with triumphantly launching your site.

5You’ll also have access to a vibrant private Facebook group, where you can share in the journey with your fellow students and get support from our team of friendly female webby experts. Plus, on three different occasions during your GG2WD journey, you’ll receive personalized Intuitive Brand Coaching from Amanda, to ensure your site is capturing your unique essence in the most powerful way possible!


6The program works with your schedule: There’s nothing live to show up live for, so you can work through the program at your own pace, and you’re officially invited to do it in your pajamas.

7When you learn web design the GG2WD way, you won’t end up with a cookie-cutter blog or site. The WordPress theme you’ll be building your site with (it’s called Thesis, and it costs $87 USD) is infinitely customizable, to the point that your site can have literally ANY look and feel, design, or layout you can imagine. That means you’ll end up with a site that’s a true reflection of your brand – with no compromises!

9You’ll retain access to the course materials and the private Facebook group for as long as they exist, so you’ll never be cut off from the Girl’s Guide community – even once our ten weeks are up. And you’ll be able to go back to our videos time and time again to practice your skills, or to go through the whole process again to create another website!

10The bottom line? No matter what your “website situation”, GG2WD has specific instructions for getting you on board our “freedom system”: a land of happiness where your web presence will look like exactly how you want it to, connect you with your ideal clients and customers, and have you smiling from ear to ear on a daily basis.


Plus, we make learning ridiculously fun!

The Girl’s Guide style of teaching is like nothing else out there. Our students continually tell us how much they love learning from our videos, which explain technical concepts in such a way that they really stick, with a side dose of mischievous humour.

We’re proud to say that the program is tried, tested, and true. Our special blend of accessible training, warm and friendly support, and accountability has empowered almost 1000 students from all over the world to create significantly more awesome lives for themselves, using the web (and their newfound creative and tech skills) as the vehicle for their dreams.

(Want to see for yourself? Click here to try out a sample course video).
Woman with computer


So… are you ready?

Are you ready to never again feel alone and unsupported when it comes to moving forward with your dreams?

Are you ready to say goodbye to stressing over your brand colours, or tearing your hair out over which WordPress theme to use?

Are you ready to ditch the seemingly endless searches for the elusive tutorials that might actually tell you what you need to do to move forward?

Are you ready to do away with your twice-daily visits to the site of your favourite web designer, wishing you could afford her rates?

And most importantly, are you ready to forget about that awful, nauseous, “website shame” feeling that you get when your hand your business card to a new acquaintance – and wonder what he or she will think when she sees you STILL don’t have a decent site online?

If you know, in your heart of hearts, that you’re ready to be FINISHED with all of that…

… If there is a whisper in the back of your mind telling you now is your time…

… If you somehow sense that The Girl’s Guide to Web Design is exactly what you’ll need in order to unleash your brilliance into the world with style and gumption (hint: it is!)…

… Then you are MORE than ready. And we would LOVE to have you in the program.

Whatever it is that you want to put out there, GG2WD will be your ultimate ally in getting there. Let’s make this happen!


The Girl’s Guide to Web Design is currently closed for enrollment.



Questions about the program?
Feel free to drop us a line! We’ll be happy to help you decide if the course is right for you. :)