by Sarah Lewis

Hi – I’m Amanda! (That’s me on the left)…

…And I want to help you live a more magical life!

Like the sound of that?

Then perhaps it’s time to join me and the over 2,000 other women who are designing their dreams into being… with my ridiculously empowering Girl’s Guide Courses!

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The “Discover Your Gifts” edition of the Creative Courage Workshop is a completely FREE 7-day online journey that will guide you through a unique process of uncovering your soul-level gifts and revealing the identity of the business that wants to be launched by you – in all its quirky glory!
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Head off on a whirlwind virtual adventure into crafting your gorgeous visual brand for that project, business, or movement you’ve always dreamed of starting – with the “Design Your Brand” edition of the Creative Courage Workshop. Learn to round up all your jumbled flashes of inspiration and weave them together into something beautifully, authentically YOU – something real, and wonderful, and ready to rock on the web!
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The Girl’s Guide to Graphic Design is the fantastical online learning experience that empowers you to dream up stunning visual brands and drop-dead gorgeous graphics using the one and only Photoshop! GG2GD is a choose-your-own-adventure course for women who want to awaken, unleash, and mega-empower their inner designer. (Yep – we all have one. And it’s time to let yours out!).
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The course that started it all! If you’re looking to finally take back control of your web presence (or create sites for paying clients), GG2WD is exactly what you’re looking for. You’ll learn HTML, CSS, SEO and tons more – with engaging, fun and friendly video instruction that teaches you to use the web as your big, beautiful canvas, and WordPress as your vehicle.
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GG2CB is like rocket fuel for your “you”-ness: a complete system for honing in on your soul purpose, mapping out your dreams, and bringing them to life in the form of a supremely fulfilling business! With in-depth training in web design, graphic design, copywriting, and “unmarketing”, you’ll be an unstoppable force of good in the world after you’re done with GG2CB.
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