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Each is designed to tickle your left AND right brains, activating your #CreativeCourage so that you can go forth and conquer, creating brands, graphics, and websites like the ones you see here:

  • desiretodone
  • amieesuedesign
  • amykozakdotcom
  • anamickadotcom
  • archerstreehousedesign
  • screenshotforslideshowv02
  • confidentrider
  • crochetnknit
  • desireeeastdotcom
  • ellasgardens
  • erinkurupdotcom
  • halfasleepstudio
  • leafandlemon
  • lisamargreetdotcom
  • lollypopbeach
  • malloroystantonlizbesocial
  • mokovidotcom
  • nichegraphicdesign
  • undeniablestyledotcom
  • unleashedwebdesign
  • yeswearestars



What Is #CreativeCourage?

Even if you don’t think you have an artistic bone in your body, guess what? A designer lives inside of you. And the magic starts when you reconnect with her.

Ready to see how good #CreativeCourage can feel? Press play below – and prepare to be inspired!

The Creative Courage Workshop is a totally free journey into bringing to life that blog, project, or business you’ve had “on the brain” for ages.
I can’t wait lead you through my signature fun and empowering process of creating your gorgeous visual brand – and giving your most cherished dream the wings it needs to finally fly!
Enter your name and email below now to get on the waitlist for the workshop and instantly receive my “Fearbuster” tool, designed to help get you un-stuck and moving confidently in the direction of your dreams:



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